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Conference interpreters

Conveying content simultaneously
Conveying content simultaneously

Conference interpreters

When a large number of people from many different countries gather together to discuss an important topic together, we deploy conference interpreters to facilitate clear understanding. They have additional training and are linguistically, culturally and technically sound in equal measure. Our interpreters speak almost simultaneously with the speakers so that everyone is kept at the same level of information quickly and unambiguously. If subsequent conversations and discussions are planned we are of course also available to assist.

By the way: with Adria-Sprachenservice you not only get the conference interpreter but also all the technology and support on the spot so that you can concentrate on your guests and your topic.

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Court interpreters

Our court interpreters are familiar with the material and confident in handling specialist vocabulary.

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Escort interpreters

The right interpreter to hand in every situation: negotiations, business trips, trade exhibition appearances etc.

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