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English teaching

For beginners and advanced learners
English teaching – language school in Schwerin

New perspectives with new languages

Learning a new language opens up all kinds of new possibilities, new ways of thinking and an understanding of things which were previously unfamiliar. Or, for all those who learn another language for rather more pragmatic reasons, they can find their suitcase at an airport in a totally foreign city, can flirt in a holiday bar and use their charm to good effect.

Our instructors have long-term experience and are fully abreast of current learning methods. This mixture not only leads to success but is also fun. And that’s something you ought to have, for learning a language is a wonderful thing.

We have a large network of native-language instructors who are happy to adjust to the needs of course participants on the basis of long-term experience. We would be pleased to despatch our instructors for other languages such as French, Spanish, Italian or Polish. If you can and wish to teach, you are welcome to send us your application as an instructor.

We look forward to any linguistic challenge and guarantee the highest quality with absolute adherence to deadlines.

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English courses in your company

Fluent small talk with business partners

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Open English courses

Intensive training for your English skills

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Something from us for you

Useful texts for business emails

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