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Open English courses

Intensive training for your English skills
It’s more fun together

Open English courses


Things are generally more fun in a group, and that is especially the case when learning a language. That’s why we offer English courses for private individuals at a wide variety of levels – everything from beginners’ to advanced courses and pure conversation. We work with proven learning methods – and materials, prepare you for a Cambridge certificate if desired and organise the examination. And most important of all, it’s fun. Come along and join in, you’ll see. In addition to the lesson units, there are also consolidating exercises available on our website to do at home which give you the opportunity to directly check your progress.


  • English for telephoning
  • English correspondence
  • Survival English for tourists
  • English for trade fairs
  • Small Talk in business
  • English for customer care
  • English for meetings
  • English for presentations
  • Conversation - different topics
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English courses in your company

Fluent small talk with business partners

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