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What for us is our daily bread and butter is sometimes not immediately apparent to customers. The difference between translating and interpreting, for example. They cheerfully talk of oral translating and written interpreting. The truth is rather different. Translations are language documents in written form, while interpretation services are delivered orally. It's that simple sometimes.

At Adria-Sprachenservice, highly skilled and experienced specialist translators are at your service for translations into (or from) most of the world's languages. Translations from one foreign language into another are also no problem – this is a familiar task for us.

There is virtually no limit to the types of texts we translate. We translate operating instructions, technical manuals, penalty orders (criminal judgements), certificates, medical documents – in a nutshell, everything that is to be read in a different language. In doing so, we work in strict accordance with the "native tongue meets specialist" principle. This means that specialist translators edit the texts and transfer them into their own native tongue.

Special circumstances require special measures. This is well known. At Adria-Sprachenservice, each text receives particular attention. It has the right to expect this, and so do you – professional processing.

Professional expertise, native language quality, short processing times and strict adherence to deadlines – this is our promise to you.

Take a look at an extract of our most typical types of texts:

Technical manuals

This is obvious: technical manuals are only for experts with a strong technical background to look for something or – even better – work with. After all, who wants a machine that by mistake cools instead of heating, just because a layman thought he could “also do it well enough”?

Operating instructions

Lawn mowers that cut hair? Curving round to the left instead of mowing straight ahead? Maybe even cutting through your cables in the process? The translation of operating instructions is a matter for specialised hands. Sometimes – for example, with medical reports, errors in translation are not funny at all but a matter of life or death.

Official texts

Whether summons, judgements or penalty orders, errors in the translation are unthinkable. We assume responsibility for our translations. Publicly appointed and legally sworn translators apply themselves with the greatest diligence to translating court documents from all over Germany - but particularly from Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and other parts of Northern Germany.


Somebody's birth, marriage, divorce – or even death? Driving test passed? We translate correctly, so that our customers can make progress; knowing that everything is in order and they can feel comfortable under the critical gaze of any public official (anywhere in the world).


Trust is good, a contract is better. Clear statements on who has to provide what services – when and under what conditions. At Adria-Sprachenservice, contracts are translated by specialists with a business and legal background. So there are no more ambiguities.


Proud owner of a school-leaving, vocational training or Bachelor certificate? Maybe you are thinking of going to live in a different country? Or you have come to us in Germany after graduating somewhere else?