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Your interpreting agency in Schwerin

No picture says more than 1,000 words. Words declare love, war and peace. You can't paint or photograph them. It is the spoken word that counts in really important situations in life. In order to ensure that everybody involved in a discussion receives the same level of knowledge, there is an ever increasing requirement for interpreters. These days, in particular, people of all persuasions meet up in business negotiations, political discussions or just in friendly get-togethers. This is a wonderful development that opens up horizons and opportunities, build bridges and gives reason to hope. This is why we have tailored our service to these requirements: we therefore provide not only simultaneous interpreters but also court and conference interpreters.

Simultaneous interpreters

Our versatile interpreters are used in all possible situations. For example, interpreting at your business negotiations. Or accompanying you on business trips in a country with a language that you are not familiar with. Our simultaneous interpreters provide not only the required language skills, but also sound cultural knowledge. This enables them to navigate you securely through all language and cultural pitfalls.

Court interpreters

Many of our colleagues have specialised in interpreting for public authorities. They have an excellent command of the terminology required and are well versed in the German legal system. They possess an absolute integrity and are not infrequently publicly appointed and legally sworn interpreters. Our court interpreters enable you to bring light into the darkness, clarify issues, and have judgements passed based on the facts.

Conference interpreters

When a large number of people from different countries gather together to discuss an important issue, then this is where conference interpreters come into their own. They not only possess additional training but also linguistic, cultural and technical skills in equal measure. At Adria Sprachenservice, you obtain not only the conference interpreters but also the entire technology and support on the spot – thus allowing you to concentrate on your guests and your theme.