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Adria Sprachenservice - Your personal translation agency


We all live the passion for languages. Translating technical documents requires just as much commitment as interpreting for authorities, in companies or in hospitals.

We are absolutely convinced that each and every customer who needs a language service should receive this service at a professional level. For this reason, we at Adria set ourselves high standards – that make us proud and you satisfied.

As a matter of principle, translations ensue from the foreign language into the native tongue in each case. This principle is a pillar of high quality service. But this is merely the obligation. Our determination is to go beyond this and entrust the tasks to be undertaken to specialist translators. These are persons who are familiar with particular fields, who can translate technical manuals because they are specialists in the given field. Or translators who are publicly appointed and legally sworn, because they predominantly work for judicial and other competent authorities. Expert language skills, sure application of translation techniques as well as familiarity with the cultural context to be achieved by the target text – these are the ingredients for professional translations. No machines, no laymen. Experts to meet your requirements.

We are all extremely aware of the trust you put in us when submitting your texts. Trust demands confidentiality; a basic principle of our work. You have our word on this – and we have a way with words.


There are many – almost 400 – of us working for Adria-Sprachenservice. We live in all the corners of the world. Cooperating via modern media. Taking advantage of different time zones for particularly urgent orders. We are white or black – or something in-between. Believing in one God or another – or none at all. One thing, however, is certain: we love mediating between people of different origins – whether to boost international trade, make magical literature readable for more people or provide support for legal or medical issues.

There are six employees working in the main office of Adria-Sprachenservice. All of us translate, interpret or teach, while also coordinating the work of our other colleagues all over the world.

Ivica Ilic

Marius Mikalauskas

Anna Hollnagel

Katrin Hoffmann

Natalia Kerem

Suasan Porter